Watch Repair

Timepieces can be an important part of our every day lives, but they are oftentimes tokens of great sentimental value.  Regardless of what your timepiece means to you, LaGravinese Jewelers would like to help you with your watch repair needs.  Sometimes a watch repair can be as simple as a battery or a new watch band.  Most batteries and bands can be replaced while you wait.  Other times watches often require more intricate service.  Some services that we offer are:

Overhaul and Cleaning:  An overhaul and cleaning of your quartz or mechanical timepiece is accompanied by a one year warranty.  Our highly-skilled watchmakers will prepare an estimate which we will present to you.  

Case and Bracelet Refinishing:  Over periods of time a well used watch will show wear.  At LaGravinese Jewelers we combine watchmaking and jewelry expertise to restore your watch's exterior to like new condition.

Battery, Seal, and Pressure Test:  For watches that offer a high level of water resistance we can perform a pressure test on your watch at the time that your battery is changed.  This service will check all gaskets for water resistance.  If the watch does not pass our watchmaker can change the necessary gaskets or parts to ensure that your watch can safely be worn in the water.  

There are many other watch repair services that we offer.  At LaGravinese Jewelers we will give you all of the options available with your watch repair and make the best recommendation possible.  

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or fill out the form on this page.