Ear Piercing

LaGravinese Jewelers has been a part of the Bronxville community since 1976.  Having your ears pierced is often a very special moment in your life.  We have been very fortunate to have had countless opportunities to be a part of these moments.  

How do I schedule ear piercing?

Our ear piercings are done by appointment only.  The available time for piercings is not the same as the store hours.  If you are interested in making an appointment it is best to fill out the contact form on this page.  Julianna will contact you directly to answer any questions you may have and set up your piercing.

Some frequently asked questions that we hear:

What ages do you pierce ears?

We generally pierce ears for ages 5 and up.

"I play team sports.  Can I get my ears pierced?"

Some coaches make exceptions for newly pierced ears by allowing players to wear bandaids over the ears during practices and games.  Others require the earrings to be removed.  Since the earrings should stay in for 8 weeks before being removed, we recommend that you inquire with your coach beforehand.

What metal are your piercing earrings?

All of our piercing studs are hypo-allergenic 14k yellow and white gold.

How long do I need to leave my earrings in after piercing?

We recommend that you leave the earrings in for 8 weeks and clean them twice per day front and back with alcohol.

Do you only pierce ear lobes?

We also pierce cartilage at the top of the ear.

Will you pierce both ears at once?

The best result is achieved by piercing one ear at a time, so we do not pierce both ears simultaneously.  

What do you use to pierce?

We use the Inverness system piercing gun with sealed Inverness earring cartridges.  The earrings have safety backs which stay very securely on the earring.  After 8 weeks we are happy to remove them for you and provide you with traditional backs.  

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