LaGravinese Jewelers offers expert appraisal services to meet your needs.  We offer two different types of appraisal services:

Insurance Replacement

An insurance appraisal is one that provides a replacement value for your jewelry in the event that it is lost or stolen. 

Make an appointment with one of our certified appraiser experts to have your jewelry inspected.  Bring along any documentation you have, such as receipts and diamond or gemstone grading reports.  Depending on the number of items and intricacy of the pieces, we will determine how long we need to complete the appraisal.  We are happy to appraise one item or your entire collection of jewelry.  We also offer optional photo documentation of your piece(s).

Some common situations that warrant an appraisal appointment with us include:

  • Recently engaged couples looking to add an engagement ring to an insurance policy
  • Sorting through a box of jewelry and separating the fine jewelry from the costume pieces
  • Needing an update on value for jewelry that is already insured.  Most insurance appraisals should be updated every 5 years.

Have a single item and don’t want to leave it?  We understand.  Often times we can take down the information on the piece while you wait and send you the completed appraisal in the mail and/or via email in PDF form.  We just need to see it to determine the possibility of this. 

Our insurance appraisal documents include:

  • Current competitive retail prices
  • The metal type(s)
  • Brand names, serial numbers, model numbers (for watches), and any important hallmarking
  • For diamonds and gemstones, the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight)
  • Any relevant information included on documentation, such as a GIA diamond report number.

At the end of the appraisal process, you will receive a professionally written, printed and/or emailed document from us.  

Estate Documentation

Estate or Fair Market Appraisals reflect the value of what the item(s) would sell for should the owner wish to sell in the current secondary market.  At LaGravinese Jewelers, we will work with estate executors, family members, and law firms in order to determine fair market value for your jewelry.  We will customize the appraisal to meet your needs.  Estate appraisals are often requested of us for varying reasons.

Estate appraisals are ideal in the following situations:

  • you inherited jewelry and would like to split it up between siblings
  • you'd eventually like to sell a piece, but would like to know the market value
  • you are a lawyer working with an estate, and need a valuation on a jewelry collection for tax purposes

We have USPAP compliant and certified appraisers on site and work with many lawyers to provide professional estate appraisals for their clients.  If you are a Trust & Estates lawyer in need of an appraisal, we'd love to work with you. 

Please contact us at 914-337-0923 or with any questions.